Monday, October 13, 2008

Feel's like Christmas

It certainly feels like Christmas today! I received not one, but three packages! I was so surprised and gobsmacked to say the least!

(click on photo's to biggify them lol).

The above, is my 2nd parcel from my Secret Sister on my ILCS group. I just love it all thank you so much! Not sure if anything is missing though as the parcel was damaged in transit, the envelope flap had come unstuck so Royal Mail put it all in a plastic bag with their apologys if anything was missing :( I am looking forward to doing the Monogram Tin as I have never done one and the needleroll, needle case, scissors sheath and fob, is just perfect for me as it's in my favourite colours and has a wonderful inscription on it;
'with thread in hand I'm at my best and this is where my needles rest'
I love the Christmas tree too as it's very colourful. Included was a lovely home made card too.

The photo above is a parcel Carla sent me! Look at all that lovely Halloween fabric! I can't get that where I live. Need to stitch loads of things so I can use it lol. And I love the socks, so me! The card is very apt as Carla pointed out as I said on my other blog once about the spiders in my garden needing wellies lol.

Last but not least is a belated birthday present from Rene. She made me a lovely little needle minder and sent me a Just Nan chart including the fabric for it. The dragon stickers are for him indoors (aka Colin for those of you who don't read my other blog lol).

Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies, you have made me one very happy lady indeed!


  1. Great packages, Kelly. I have that same Lavender Wings chart... and actually have it kitted up. When am I going to start it? I have no idea! LOL

  2. Great gifts Kelly! Some great patterns for you to get going on!! Meari and I bought some magnets when we were together, I have yet to find a pattern small enough to cover one!!

  3. Katrien9:29 pm

    Great gifts!

  4. WOW! You sure received some very nice stash. I can see the smile all the way across the pond.

  5. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Oh I love your patterns. I like the one with the needle nanny with it that is so cute. Enjoy the material if for anything the shear joy and just owning it. I love to look at mine with all the colors. LOL LOL Yes I am weird. Carla

  6. WOW, look at all that stash! Have fun stitching it all!

  7. Gosh, what lovely parcels to receive! That will keep you busy for quite a while!


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