Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evalina's Challenge lol

Evalina has set a challenge by asking are we brave enough to show the contents of our handbags/purses. Well Evalina my friend, I'm brave enough lol.

In mine is my old purse and the new purse which I havent transferred my money and cards in to yet. My make up bag, old till receipts (luckily I only cleared my bag out a few days ago as I usually have LOADS of crap till receipts lol), Sugar free mint Polo's, Nokia phone, strawberry tea bags, Dr's prescription, little notepad and pen, Dr's appointment card, an old envelope with nothing in it lol ,tissues and a ladies doberry doberry thing.

I only carry the makeup I am wearing in my bag as I have too much of it to carry around with me.

A finish and update.


Lizzie Kate June 'stamp'.
Stitched on a fabric oddment from a Polstitches 'Grab Bag'.

I finished this last night. I really like the way it turned out and I think it is my favourite one so far.


I framed this too which was a job and a half. I originally was going to make it into a pillow ornament but decided once it was finished that I wanted it framed. What made it a pig was I hadn't left much for the boarders on it as I don't when making ornaments as I like to be econimical with fabric. So, out came the sewing machine and I sewed strips of fabric on the stitched piece so I could stretch it to frame it. There's a little hint of the pink fabric at the bottom of the frame. Other than that, it turned out ok.

Shelley from my ILCS group, sent me a RAK. She sent me some floss I needed for a couple of projects and a Wolf chart which I really love. Thank you so much Shelley!


I have started two new pieces. One is a stitched pincushion for an exchange and the other is a Tea Sampler by The Design Connection. I really love the way this one is turning out and the picture on the chart does not do it justice.

I am really excited about this coming Sunday as I am going to meet up with a couple of stitchers from my town. They advertised in one of the cross stitch magazines, which I didn't get, but Sadie emailed me with the particulars, so I emailed and we have arranged to meet at lunch time Sunday. So, thank you Sadie, very much appreciated that you thought of me!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday update

Colin and I went away this weekend to his mum and dads. I did mange to get some stitching done on my Lizzie Kate June Stamp.
Colins mum, Linda, stitches too,and this weekend I enabled her to stitch on linen! I am looking forward to seeing how she gets on with it next time we go visit.
I did get a wonderful suprise from her.............whilst we were out shopping on Sunday afternoon, I mentioned that I had finally decided on the theme for my kitchen, teapots, cups, tea and coffee theme. As it happens a friend of hers relative, passed away, and she had lots of minature teapots and she had just given them to Col's mum. It wasn't just a few, it was a big cardboard box full of them! Some of them are really really pretty. So Him Indoors now needs to put up shelves in my kitchen for them to go on. They will be going in the dining area. What a great start to my collection. I will take a picture of them when they are all unwrapped ond on the shelves. I just need at some point, to stitch some teacups/teapots/coffee/tea type stuff to accompany them.
My kitchen walls are totally bare. Him Indoors says it looks way too sterile lol.

My grandaughter Destiny was two years old on Friday. Time seems to fly by so quickly now. Here she is with her daddy, and my son, Christopher. Dosn't she look just like her daddy lol.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Lizzie Kate Finish


Lizzie Kate Snippet #S75
Fabric, 28ct Jobelan in 'Buttermilk'

I'm having two weeks off my large projects to do some small items and this is my first finish. Meari sent me this for my Birthday last year in the ILCS Birthday Club. It is very appropriate right now seeing I am getting three new grandbabies this year to add to the three I already have :) So, thank you again Meari!
I swapped out a couple of colours ie the purple instead of dark blue for the text lol.
I was going to make it into a pillow ornament but I am leaning more in getting it framed but I am not sure if I have left enough border to do that. I am going to pick up a frame on Thursday, hopefully, for it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday update

On my ILCS group, I challenged the members to a finishing weekend. It was to finish off items that were already stitched and just need turning into something. I found five unfinished items but only managed to finish off two.


A snowflake ornament and a little dragon holding a candy cane that I turned into a keyring for Colin. I had my grandson Rylee staying over night on the Saturday so my attention was devoted to him and the twins and we watched the second Chipmunk movie lol.

Sunday evening I worked on my ornament for the Summer Ornament exchange on ILCS. At least I managed to get some stitching done eventually lol.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Biscornu finished

This one was a long time in the making as I like to have one small project on the go while I am stitching on my BAP's lol.


'Holy Mud'
By Barbara Ana.
Stitched on 28ct Anabelle in Silver Grey
Stitch count 70 x 70
Available HERE


The little cute piggy button was sent to me a long time ago by Nancy J.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday update

I spent my weekend stitching time mainly on my Castles in the Air Sal. I am halfway through part 4 now.


Here is a close of the peacock and fountain........the fountain still needs to be back stitched.


Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

I also put a few stitches in my piggy biscornu which is almost finished now.
I did start on my first HAED but it did not go well for me. I used the suggested 2 threads over 1 on 25ct evenweave and it looked shit bumpy. Plus my eyes were streaming due to eye strain. I am having problems frogging it as well. Maybe I should send it to Rene La Frog to do it seeing she loves the little buggers so much ;p! I am determined to stitch it, its the Spirit Story Keep BTW, so might stitch it on 18ct aida instead.

I am also running a seasonal ornament exchange on my group and I am looking forward to stitching one for my partner whoever it will be as I haven't done an exchange in a long time.

Lastly, since my last blog update I have done one more crochet square for my throw. I am getting behind on that as well lol.

Square 5