Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two parcels today

Yup, I got two parcels today. One was my Fabric of the Month and Floss of the Month clubs from Polstitches.


The other was a RAK from Emily in NC................thank you so much Emily I really appreciate it. I just love the red dragon. There are some more charts too but they are underneath the dragon in a booklet.


Monday, February 16, 2009

March LK Stamp


I finished this on Sunday. I just need to get it finished off properly which I will do during the week. I am really enjoying doing these.
I started another Barbara Ana design called Stitch or Die. It's a bigger piece so will take a while to do.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

February Seasonal Shelf

(Click to bigify)

This is my seasonal shelf so far. It is Valentines themed. I made the calender myself and it flips over for each month. The picture is of him indoors and the twins taken May Bank Holiday last year at The Green Man Festival.

I think it is fun doing a seasonal shelf as it gives me a good excuse to have lots of little finishes lol. Also I like the idea of looking round for things for it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celtic Summer Update

( Click on photo to bigify)

This is what she looks like so far. I haven't really done much on her lately but should have her finished this year with a bit of luck!

I also framed my snowman tonight with the help of him indoors and it is now siting on my seasonal shelf. The picture is a little blurry due to the flash light bouncing off the glass.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New start.

Today I ordered a few threads I need for projects, mainly DMC variegated and a Kreinik that I found that I did have after I ordered it lol. I hate that when it happens!

I must be really ill as I did something today that I never do...............I kitted up some small projects so they are all ready to stitch hehehe. I bagged them all up neatly including the chart.


I started the March Lizzy Kate Stamp after spending a couple of hours back stitching on Summer Dragon. Its on Sand cashel linen. I didn't want to be predictable and do it on green just because it is to do with Paddys day.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Don't Bug Me finished

This is the one I threw across the room yesterday. I picked it back up today, frogged it and restitched it and then finished it lol.


I am very pleased how it turned out. It will go in my craft room when him indoors eventually does the room out for me lol.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rene's fecking frogs again! ;p


Yup, I'm majorly stressed out. I've been working on a Barbara Ana piece and have miscounted to the point where most of what I have done, will have to be frogged! I am so annoyed with myself as I hardly ever go wrong to such a major degree. A few stitches here and there maybe, but this just sucks. Needless to say it went on holiday curtesy of being thrown across the room! Whats fecking me off even more about it, is it's the second time I've started it.........I didn't like the orignal fabric colour I picked out so started it on a new colour.............bah, humbugs and Rene's fecking frogs lol.
Tree Frog Froggie Frog Frog 2 Frog 3 Frog 4 Frog 5

Monday, February 02, 2009

Two finishes and other stuff!

The weekend was really good for me where stitching is concerned. First of all I finished Seaside Sampler by The Sweetheart Tree.


Today, I finished it off into a needleroll. I am rather pleased with the result. I used silver ribbon just to give it the extra sparkle.


I then had a small finish which is Janlynns Somebunny To Love which is a small ornament kit.


And it does not stop there lol. I got my sewing machine out today and finished off the February Lizzie Kate Stamp properly.


And while I was on a roll, I also finished off Pansies Please by Just Nan which I finished stitching last year. I made it into a bell pull.


So as you can see, I did rather well over the weekend and I must say, I am quite pleased with myself! lol.

We finally got some proper snow! We are quite snowed in where we are and him indoors got sent home from work!


The bottom picture is of Lupi and we are having to force him to go outside to do his thing lol. He dids his paws in and sits down so I have to push him out the door with my foot lol.