Friday, February 04, 2011

A RAK from Shelley and More!

As promised on my ILCS Yahoo group, here is my RAK from Shelley......................

A Rak from Shelley

Isnt he just the cutest frog? Here he is on my seasonal shelf that still needs adding to.................


Again, thank you so much Shelley, I love him and he will live on my seasonal shelf. I think I need to get him some play mates though lol.

I finally finished my granddaughters, Whitneys, blanket. I got rather behind on it.

Whitneys Blanket

I have this weekly publication where you crochet a square a week. Eventually you get enough squares to make a throw out of them. Some of the squares I think are pants, but I still crocheted them lol. I am hideously behind on it to say the least! I got the bug to crochet again and managed to do 7 squares over a few days.

Square # 14

Square #15

Square #16

Square #17

Square #18

Square #19

Square #20

Tomorrow is the virtual stitch in on my group. I am hoping to finish The Shelf over the weekend. I am looking forward to starting something new lol.

After my last post, a lot of you expressed an interest in my teapot. It is a limited edition collectors piece. I collect teapots and tea paraphernalia. Don't laugh lol!!!!!!! I have loads of miniature teapots as well as some full size ones. Some of you have stated you would like to see my collection. I will get some photos of them all over the weekend and do a blog entry on them.  I am always on the look out for new ones. Some miniatures I found in charity shops.

Talking of tea, I think I shall have a cup of Rooibos (I don't do caffeine) and a slice of mince meat fruit cake I made :-)

The teapot is a fish and chip shop. Yup, that's right, a fish and chip shop lol.
I haven't brought any pots for simply ages, as haven't had the funds to do so, but I am hoping to add to them this year. I also collect china thimbles but that's a different story!