Sunday, June 26, 2016

Armed Forces Day and Stitching Update

Today I drummed at our local Armed Forces day in Alexander Park. The weather was a bit all over the place. Sun out, then cloudy and windy then sun out again, in a repeating pattern. It did spit a little but luckily the rain held off. I had to get there early as the organisers wanted some drums to make a Drum Altar.

It was in honour of the military musicians that have died in combat.

In attendance were some Gurkhas who have fought bravely for Britain for many years now as part of the British Army.

The gentleman in the wheelchair is Bob, and drums with Section 5 :)

Royal Airforce merchandise. I love the ducks!

Poppy Day merchandise.

Put a silly hat on for today, life can't be serious all the time :)

A few of Section 5 chilling before the drumming.

The other half Sir Grumpy Colin


First up is Nymph in Woods. Previously:


 I got quite a lot done before I decided I had had enough .

Lavender Fields previously:


Sunflower Biscornu previously:


 My current rotation is now 'Spirit' by Heaven and Earth Designs.

I am stitching this one 1 over 1. It is a storykeep  and is nearly half completed :)

Last but not least.........................

Some really good news! My other half has finally managed to get a job after being unemployed for just over a year. I am doing a happy dance!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Stitching and Fun with the Grandchildren

What a horrible week weather wise. It is supposed to be summer but we have had really heavy downpours and some thunder and lightening. 

Last Saturday, the weather was overcast but remained dry during the day. I took two of my grandchildren, Androulla (Annie) and Sotiris (Tiri) to a birthday party at Clambers Play Centre then afterwards, they wanted to go on the beach. We were lucky in the fact that the tide was just going out.

The sand was covered in Sea Gooseberries.

Funny thing is, I have lived here all my life and never seen or heard of them before. I had to ask a forum online what they were.

Here is a webpage for anyone who may be interested in finding out what they are:

We then went to a play park which is situated on the promenade.


My new project which I started last week is starting to come along nicely.

Which will look like this when completed:

I am about half way through with the cross stitching on my Mill Hill Kit, Lavender Fields:

Previous update:


I did start the front of my Sunflower Biscornu. I haven't stitched much on it:

Last night I hand serged a piece of 32 count linen ready to start a new project. I am hoping to start it soon but I need to order some speciality threads for it.

I have had this chart for years and thought it was about time I stitched it. I think it might be out of print now but I am not sure.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Stitching Update and Victorian Walk

I have had a fairly good stitching week. First up is Green Man. I have finished my rotation on him.



I am really pleased with how this is starting to look. I just have to finish the column then that is page two done!

I have two new small starts.  I just stitch on these whenever. First up is my sunflower biscornu:

This is the back. It is straight but it kinked when my Old Man took the photo lol.

This is what it will look like when finished:

For those interested, the pattern is from under 'Soda charts'.

My other small is a Mill Hill Kit:

It will look like this when finished:

It is called Lavender Fields.

I started a new kit for my rotation.

I haven't included an update as there's not much to see at the moment.

Victorian Walk on the Pier.

An informal walk  last Sunday, was set up for a Victorian style stroll on the pier obviously in Victorian clothes or steampunk.

Quite a few people attended as you can see by the above photo. It was a beautiful sunny day and rather hot!

A few of us thought it would be fun to recreate an old Hastings postcard.

The original version.

Our version.

The Old Man and I. 

 Riding 'side saddle' on the carousel.

 It really was a fun day!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

A Finish and Battle Medieval Fayre

I finished 'Muriel' which is part of the witches trilogy by Mill Hill. I really enjoyed stitching it.

Just the stitching.

With the backstitch on.


Cut out and ready to hang!

Battle Medieval Fayre.

Last Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and Section 5 drummed at Battle Medieval Fayre. We had a really lovely time.
It's great as we can wear medieval costume instead of our normal stuff.

It was also my first outing as a bass player instead of playing a rack tom. I came home with lots of bruises on my legs where the drum is so big.


Megan, Keith and I. Yes, I am really short!

Me, Connie (our banner holder) and Janie.

Me looking so serious!

Me being more serious :)

Me, my partner Colin and Janie.

Section 5 group photo.