Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Update

I have not got as much done as I would of liked, but I was very busy over the weekend.

First Up Spirit HAED:

I am very pleased as I have finished page one and page two which is a partial page.

Next up, Midnight Enchanter:

I am so close to finishing the actual stitching! Just leaves tons of backstitching and couching :-/

Just the bit left in the above photo to stitch and the mauve Kreinik at the top of the moon.


Edie from my I Love Cross Stitch Yahoo group sent me a RAK. I knew Edie was sending me it but what I was not expecting was her astounding generosity! Edie sent me L&L Angel of Summer, Celtic Christmas, Angel of Spring and last but not least Angel of the Sea including all the threads and beads for it. I was astounded to say the least! I had tears in my eyes when I saw exactly what Edie had gifted to me. She also sent me some pieces of fabric which will come in more than handy seeing Colin's job situation is so dire at the moment. I just can not thank you enough Edie and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lizzie Kate Win

Linda over at the official Lizzie Kate blog held a competition and all you had to do was leave a comment about your favourite bacon food and I WON! I hardly if ever, win anything, so I was chuffed to bits!


All the Scouts groups in our area held a big parade on Sunday in honour of ST. Georges Day , which was actually on the Monday but due to the good old British Government (said with much sarcasm) it is NOT a public Holiday seeing it is England's patron Saint but it should be seeing Wales, Ireland and Scotland all get a day off for their Patron Saints day! Just put a wig on David Cameron (UK's Prime Minster, but you knew that didn't you?), and he will be the spitting image of Maggie Thatcher the Snatcher...............but I digress, sorry,
Anyhow, we drummed for the scouts and didn't realise till we got there what a big parade it was or should I say just how many scouts there were. There was hundred's of them lol. Anyhow, we had a great time drumming in their parade then we headed off around Hastings and then the Old Town drumming for St Georges Day (in advance lol, don't get me started again lol, bloody government).

This is just a few of us but there was about 40 drummers altogether.

Having a pint before we started drumming.

April TUSAL:

I think I'm a few days late but here goes:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snowy Owl Finished.

Snowy Owl by Joan Elliott from Bewitching Cross Stitch Book.
Stitched on 28ct Jobelan 'Sky High by Polstitches.

Now I can get back to my own stitching. This is for Colin's mum and it is going to be framed.

I have also finished the first page on my Spirit HAED and nearly done with page two which is a partial page :-)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Update

I started a new project called Snowy Owl by Joan Elliott from her Bewitching Cross Stitching book. It is for my MIL. Although she stitches herself she fell in love with it so I said I would stitch it for her.I am on a tight schedule as she is coming to visit this next weekend and I am trying to get it finished for then. It also has beading as well as back stitch and French knots.

Next up is Dragon's Lair. I was really getting into it but stopped to stitch the owl.

Last but not least Castles in the Air.

A close up of the area I am currently working on.

My Spirit HAED hardly got a look in this week, so no point doing an update on it for just a few stitches.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Am I famous?

A lady on a Yahoo cross stitch group that I belong too, told me that my blog had been featured in The World of Cross Stitching magazine. I did not even know about it, so thank you Marilyn for letting me know :-)

Mines the one on the right!
I feel very humbled and it is very exciting to know that such a large publication loves my blog.
I would like to think that my blog motivates fellow cross stitchers!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday Update.

It does not look like I have stitched much this last week, but I have lol.
First up is The Great Escape designed by Abi Gurden. I started this when the SAL first started then I had my stitching funk last year. I restarted it using different colours:

Not the greatest of pictures as the flash has white washed the colours a bit. The fabric is a light blue. I enjoy doing the speciality stitches.

Next up is Green Man Cernunnos. I managed to do 1200 stitches this week and I am pleased about that.

Once the Celtic symbol is done, the rest of this page should go a lot quicker.


We had a Bookmark Exchange on my ILCS group. This is what I sent to my partner Lyn N.

I have stitched this particular design twice now.

Easter Weekend.

I have spent all of the Easter weekend in my PJ's just chillaxing , stitching and baking, knitting and crocheting lol.
I made a big choclate Easter cake:

I make all my own bread and mostly use a bread machine but today I felt like making some bread cooked in the oven:

This one is just a basic farmhouse white, but I do love to play around with recipes. I am going to make some baguettes during the week and a cheese and onion loaf.

Not sure what I am going to be stitching on this week other than Spirit HAED. Guess you will have to wait till my next blog update to find out lol.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

CITA Part Five Finished!

When it comes to reading my updates, my blog is rather like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, (as said Forrest Gump lol ).
I really wanted to spend this week exclusively on Green Man, but I had a massive urge to stitch on Castles in the Air.

Here is a before picture:

Here is a now picture:

A close up view of one of the areas just worked on.:

I love doing speciality stitches, the more intricate, the better!

Well until next time my lovely people!
Love and stitches one and all!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Update

The last week seems to have  flown by!
First of Midnight Enchanter:

I put some more stitches in at the top, the mauve Kreinik but concentrated more down the bottom. There is still a sizeable chunk left to do then the back stitching and couching, but hopefully not too many more weeks now until he is finished.

Apart from my two HAEDS, (ones just a Storykeep, besides, two types of stitching, HAEDS 1 over 1 and normal BAP 2 over 2 , thats my logic for starting a new project lol), after ME is finished I won't have any current BAP's on the go, so I am looking forward to starting something new. Not sure what though. Maybe Circe the Sorceress or a Lavender and Lace Design or even a Patricia Allison Dragon, the ones with all the Kreinik and blending. I am digressing, back to the updates.

Spirit Storykeep by HAED stitched 1 over 1.

Looking much better now that the top of the ladies head is showing. Lots of Kreinik in the 'whitish' areas. It is quite a pain to use on 1 over 1 stitching, trying to get it to lay nice and flat and not look bulky.

RAK'd by Nancy M
This morning I received a RAK from Nancy M . She had read on my blog that I needed to order some navy aida for my son's wolf that I will be stitching him and offered to send me some seeing she had some to give away. Nancy also sent me some other goodies as well...............thank you so much Nancy, I really appreciate it!

I love Cross Stitch Bookmark Exchange

This morning I also received my bookmark from Lyn N.

Thank you so much Lyn, I love it!

Section 5

Our local hospice, St Michaels, asked if we would drum at their charity fund raiser on Saturday, which we did and had a great time as always.

Me on the right in the topper and Colin is the one with the red face lol.


Getting ready to play.

Evalina's Oldest UFO Challenge

I am a couple of days late posting this as I have been very busy and hardly got to the computer all weekend.

I did not get as much done as I would of liked but every stitch done is progress I guess lol.