Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Update

I have not got as much done as I would of liked, but I was very busy over the weekend.

First Up Spirit HAED:

I am very pleased as I have finished page one and page two which is a partial page.

Next up, Midnight Enchanter:

I am so close to finishing the actual stitching! Just leaves tons of backstitching and couching :-/

Just the bit left in the above photo to stitch and the mauve Kreinik at the top of the moon.


Edie from my I Love Cross Stitch Yahoo group sent me a RAK. I knew Edie was sending me it but what I was not expecting was her astounding generosity! Edie sent me L&L Angel of Summer, Celtic Christmas, Angel of Spring and last but not least Angel of the Sea including all the threads and beads for it. I was astounded to say the least! I had tears in my eyes when I saw exactly what Edie had gifted to me. She also sent me some pieces of fabric which will come in more than handy seeing Colin's job situation is so dire at the moment. I just can not thank you enough Edie and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lizzie Kate Win

Linda over at the official Lizzie Kate blog held a competition and all you had to do was leave a comment about your favourite bacon food and I WON! I hardly if ever, win anything, so I was chuffed to bits!


All the Scouts groups in our area held a big parade on Sunday in honour of ST. Georges Day , which was actually on the Monday but due to the good old British Government (said with much sarcasm) it is NOT a public Holiday seeing it is England's patron Saint but it should be seeing Wales, Ireland and Scotland all get a day off for their Patron Saints day! Just put a wig on David Cameron (UK's Prime Minster, but you knew that didn't you?), and he will be the spitting image of Maggie Thatcher the Snatcher...............but I digress, sorry,
Anyhow, we drummed for the scouts and didn't realise till we got there what a big parade it was or should I say just how many scouts there were. There was hundred's of them lol. Anyhow, we had a great time drumming in their parade then we headed off around Hastings and then the Old Town drumming for St Georges Day (in advance lol, don't get me started again lol, bloody government).

This is just a few of us but there was about 40 drummers altogether.

Having a pint before we started drumming.


  1. Nice progress on your stitching, Kelly. Woo Hoo... Enchanter is soooo close! What a wonderful RAK, and a win too. Enjoy :)

  2. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Great progress on your projects. What a lovely RAK! Congrats on your win too! Looking forward to seeing Enchanter finished. :)

  3. Your stitching looks incredible.
    And that's the most amazing RAK, how lovely of her.

  4. Lisa C. (Fargo,ND,USA)7:42 pm

    I love your hat! (Are those pheasant feathers?) I wish I had an excuse to wear one around here :). Drumming in parades sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Enchanter is looking wonderful. I can see the finish! What a generous RAK you got. I cant wait for you to start stitching them. Congrats on your Lizzie Kate win!

  6. Great progress on your projects and what an awesome RAK, plus a Lizzie Kate prize and drumming -- sounds like a great week!!!

  7. Congrats on winning a Lizzie Kate prize, and I love the progress on your projects.....however, (I will not get on my soapbox), but I am in agreement with you. All the saints, eg Patrick, Andrew and David are recognised but when it comes to St Georges Day its tough luck. We had a local man called Bruno Peek go around the country with the loving cup to celebrate St Georges Day and hi-light this but the government just did not want to know. (Will get off my soapbox now).....However once again, CONGRATS on your price and you deserve some good news for a change after all the worry you have had with regards to Colin's employment.

  8. Sorry prize (dyslexia)

  9. Hi Kelly, Great job on Spirit. And I am so excited that Midnight Enchanter is getting finished!!! Congrats on your LK win. And just a word of advice. When you are trying to quit smoking....make sure you hide the evidence of a cigarette when pictures are being taken. Hahahaha I know it is so tough to quit. Glad you had such a good time drumming!! It looks like fun!!

  10. Anonymous2:44 am

    Great progress on your stitching and that is a wonderful RAK you got.


  11. Your needles certainly have been smoking! Yay for completing the first page of Spirit. I'm always in awe of those who stitch HAED. Wow, that's a wonderful RAK indeed. Very generous of Edie. Congrats on winning Lizzie's Kate competition. You deserve it :)


  12. yes I agree with the other comments, your needles have been smoking.
    you have a lot of BAP and they are all looking good.
    love your drummer outfit

  13. Great progress on all your stitching and congratulations on your prizes and RAK you deserve it all. Hope this is a sign that your luck in general is changing for the better

  14. That's an awesome RAK! Great progress on your stitching

  15. The midnight enchanter is so pretty. I really look forward to see him totally finished. How wonderful you have been RAK'd and got such wonderful things. Congrats on winning the Lizzie Kate giveaway. happy stitching

  16. That Midnight Enchantment sure looks lovely...magnificent! And what a wonderful gift to have received. Very generous indeed. Seems you had a good time during your St. George day festivities. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Beautiful Stitches Kelly! We had a 100th anniversary in our area a few weeks ago we had about 400 scouts of all age scouts show up. Happy St. George's Day! I guess I'll need to make hubby his Battenberg cake soon. Hugs!

  18. Wow some great things going on over the pond!Looks like some wonderful stitching and oh so close to being done! Awesome RAK, I'd hardly call it that, it's more like winning the lottery! And I see a cigarette.....I thought you were quitting???

  19. Thank you for sharing your posts on the Midnight Enchanter! I just picked up this project myself again after years of not working on it. It's wonderful seeing how it came together for someone else.


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