Thursday, May 17, 2012

Been So Busy.

I have been so busy lately that at times it has felt like my feet have not touched the ground! Thankfully, I have a couple of weeks now that I can relax for a bit.

I started a new HAED, Dragon Moon Storykeep.

This is how much I have done so far:

I have been working on the backstitch on Midnight Enchanter as well but no more pictures now until it is finished. I am finding it a tedious task as there is so much. I am doing it in dribs and drabs.

I got my prize through from Lizzie Kate:

The popcorn is maple and Bacon flavour! I don't think we have anything like it here in the UK but I could be wrong! I love the charts and will stitch them sometime in the future.

I had two drumming events, and here are a few pictures.

Colin and I.

Me looking like Princess Fiona. I'm covered bodily in green face paint for Jack in the Green.

Section 5 playing on the stage at Hastings Castle.

My green ball gown .............I look mouldy with the face paint on my body lol

Section 5 knackered after walking up a massive steep hill.

Me and my drum chum Rebecca and Colin.

Hiding from the rain in the castle.

Parading down to Butlers Gap for the big drum off! I'm in front as usual lol

No, that's not Achmed the Dead Terrorist, it's our mascot (one of them).


  1. Lovely progress on your new HAED! Love all your pics! You all look great! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  2. Another HAED? You are nuts! LOL Guess we all are! I can never leave all the backstitching to the end, just for that reason. Stick with it, it will be worth it!
    The drumming pictures look fun! I watched one or 2 of them on youtube. Must be some sort of a tradition over the pond. I don't have anything to compare it to over here.

  3. Oh and congrats on the win! The flavored popcorn is too funny. I don't think I could even find it around here!

  4. Amazing you have had time to do any stitching as you seem to have been very busy.
    Love the words steep hill that just sums up Hastings doesn't it.

  5. Fabulous update! You look wonderful even with the green paint ;)

  6. I just love your drummers outfits, glad you are enjoying yourself.

  7. LOL, Princess Fiona. You certainly do look like a princess.

    Congrats on the LK win. Yes, you are one crazy girl to start another HAED!

  8. Anonymous4:55 pm

    The HAED looks great babe... And the drumming events are great and you certainly did enjoy yourself, as did I.....

  9. Anonymous5:18 pm


    Lovely photos, you look great!

    Your L*K win is lovely.

    Great progress on your HAED.

  10. Wow another HEAD! It will look beautiful.
    Congrats on the LK win.

    Love all the pic of your drumming events.

    LOL on the reference to Princess Fiona.

  11. You are a beautiful Fiona!! I totally thought that was Achmed, lol!! Thanks for sharing all of the pics of you and Colin having so much fun :)


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