Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A finish and ILCS Birthday club part deux

I stitched this bookmark for Rene's daughter, Manda Panda. She has similar tastes to me so it was real easy for me to choose what to stitch for her. I hope she likes it!


Here are my gifts from Nancy J, Vicky L and Kim in Oz from the ILCS Birthday Club. Thank you so much ladies, I was truly spoilt!

ILCS Birthday Club Presents

This was from Vicky L, thank you so much, I love it all!

ILCS Birthday Club Presents

This was from Kim in Oz. Thank you so much......you sent me a DD chart that I did not have so thanks again!

ILCS Birthday Club Presents

Last but not least, this was from Nancy J! As you can see, she really spoilt me. She made me a beautiful bracelet and scissor keep (see below for close up). Thank you so much Nancy, I love them.

ILCS Birthday Club Presents

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Dragon update


(Click on picture to bigify.)

I finally have an update. I havent touched him for a while but spent two days stitching on him this week. I really want to start a new large project but I have promised myself that I will not until he is finished. Besides, I still have Celtic Summer on the go which I do on Thursdays and The Papillon SAL that I do on Sundays. All three projects haven't really been touched lately so I am trying to get back into the routine with them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ILCS Birthday Club Presents

This is what I have received so far from the ILCS Birthday Club. I still have three more parcels to come which are on their way from Nancy, Kim and Vicky, which I will post pictures of when I receive them.

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Ethel, she really spoiled me as you can see! The thread Heaven is welcome with open arms since Cols mum has mine lol. Lots of nice fabric and I always love to get socks!
Thank you for everything Ethel!

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Meari. She sent me three Lizzie Kate charts, a handy measurer, a stitchy nail file, needles (very grateful for as I have run out and am using a nasty old needle from a magazine cover kit!) and Humour is a Virtue chart by Thea Dueck. Thank you so much Meari, I loved it all.

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Shelley. I love the Dragon chart as it is very unusual! As you can see, she stitched me a lovely bookmark and it is so well stitched and finished. I love the fabric and buttons too, so thank you Shelley!

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Melinda, thank you so much! I have already stitched the free piece that is the companion to this one, and am looking forward to stitching it. She also sent me the beads to go with it!

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Debbie S, which was on my wish list. As you can see, she included the fabric to go with the charts. Thank you so much!

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Rhonda. I want to start stitching all the charts in this book right now but it will have to wait lol. Thank you so much!

2009 ILCS Birthday exchange

This one is from Debra H. I have not seen this design before but absolutely love it. Will definitely be stitching this one! Again, the needles couldnt have come at a bettter time!

Thank you ladies for making my Birthday extra special!

I also received 'Bewitching Cross Stitch' by Joan Elliott from my ex hubby, Ivan, which was on my Amazon wish list. Thank you hunny!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A finish and a Pressie

I finished my first Hardanger piece today. Thank you so much Rene for running the class! I was very nervous about the cutting part but it is easier than it looks. I had more trouble with wrapping the bars.........go figure lol! The design is a freebie from Polstitches. I got the pack which includes fabric, threads and beads from Polstitches specifically for the project.


Rene sent me a pre Birthday package. I just love my piggies. Isn't the cupcake soooooooo cute!

Pressie from Rene

Thank you Rene. I love it so much! Also I received a bookmark from Rene as well that she stitched me seeing I couldn't do the bookmark exchange that I ran as there were an even ammount of participants so I couldnt join in. I just love it and have nearly finished the one I am doing for Rene's daughter Manda Panda.

I am getting very excited as it is my Birthday tomorrow and I get to open lots of pressies from the girls on the Birthday Club. It will be the first year that I will of got stitchy presents!