Monday, January 25, 2010

Page 5 0f 6 of Summer Dragon finished


Yes, page 5 is finally finished! I am beginging to see the end in sight lol. This will probably be the last update now until he is finished, although it might be a while till the next update as there is a lot of back stitching to do on the actual dragon itself. Thank you for all the fabulous comments on him, it truly helps me to keep stitching on him.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

UFO Tuesday and other stitching


Tuesday I managed to finish the right side of him and stitch his staff. I really like how he is coming along now. I have had people asking me about the fabric and it is 'Night' by Sugar maple Fabrics 28ct Cashel linen. The chart called for 14ct black aida and I thought this would look much nicer.
I have also started a biscornu that has been screaming at me for months. It is 'Holy Mud' by Barbara Ana. I just love cute piggies and never seem to come across much in the stitchy world so I was rather delighted when I saw the chart for this one. No piccy yet as not done enough to warrant taking one. I'm in no hurry to finish it. It's there for when I need a rest from Summer Dragon.
Talking of which, I have finished all the stitching on page 5 now (Summer Dragon) and am in the process of doing the back stitching on the border. So, that just leaves page 6 which there isnt much to do and back stitching the dragon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A chocolate RAK

I was RAK'd this morning by Sadie ! This lovely lovely lady sent me a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat a premier chocolate company! Also included was a card which says:
Kelly, Sorry I can't help with the motivation on Summer Dragon but I CAN help with the choccie! Thank you for running such a fab group. Sadie x
Thank you so much Sadie, I am really touched by your gesture!
I am going to sit with my stitching and have a few chocolates this afternoon, again thank you so much!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer Dragon Update

Here's how he is looking now. I would really like to finish him by Colins birthday which is near the end of March but I won't hold my breath over it lol. I have nearly finished page 5 out of 6 now. There's not very much to do on page 6 and then after that theres just the back stitching on the dragon and a few beads. My main problem is trying to stay motivated with it! I am adamant I am not going to start anything else until he is finished! m,aybe I need an incentive lol?
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Monday, January 04, 2010

Summer Dragon update and foray into crochet

On Saturday I joined in Terri's Stitch In. From 12pm to 6pm, whatever your time zone, you stitched. Including the rest of the weekend, I got a lot done. I finished my Mill Hill ornament which I have already posted about. Then I got Summer Dragon out although I was tempted to start something new. I am determined to finish him this year. Page 5 is about half way through and after that I only have one more page to do which does not have too much on it. Then all the back stitching on the dragon itself.


Click on the picture to bigify.

I saw an advert on telly for a crocheting magazine. It's a weekly publication in which you get to make a throw made out of various crocheted squares. Each week you get a ball of yarn and the instructions plus the magazine has patterns each week as well as step by step guides
So I purchased the magazine, stitched the first square and now I am hooked. Needless to say I have subscribed to the magazine. They send 4 issues at a time so I will probably have to wait for a few weeks before I receive any so I have set myself a challenge to see how much of Summer Dragon I can get done in the meantime lol.


I haven't crocheted since I was a child so it's a challenge for me to learn all these new stitches, but I'll get there in the end. This is my first square for the throw. It's worked over two rows of one row double crochet then one row 1 double crochet stitch then 1 treble crochet stitch. I just got to figure out how to work the ends in nice and neatly and how to get them to stay there.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

First 2010 finish!


I finally finished Frosty by Mill Hill. I love the way he has turned out.
We have had a very busy and hectic holiday period and my stitching had been zilch until I managed to pick this up last night! Hopefully I can get back into a routine with my stitching now.

Sock it to me Santa Exchange

I received my Sock it to me Santa exchange from Peggy on my ILCS group. It was well worth waiting for and as you can see, she really spoilt me. Thank you so much Peggy, I love it all!