Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Update

The last week seems to have  flown by!
First of Midnight Enchanter:

I put some more stitches in at the top, the mauve Kreinik but concentrated more down the bottom. There is still a sizeable chunk left to do then the back stitching and couching, but hopefully not too many more weeks now until he is finished.

Apart from my two HAEDS, (ones just a Storykeep, besides, two types of stitching, HAEDS 1 over 1 and normal BAP 2 over 2 , thats my logic for starting a new project lol), after ME is finished I won't have any current BAP's on the go, so I am looking forward to starting something new. Not sure what though. Maybe Circe the Sorceress or a Lavender and Lace Design or even a Patricia Allison Dragon, the ones with all the Kreinik and blending. I am digressing, back to the updates.

Spirit Storykeep by HAED stitched 1 over 1.

Looking much better now that the top of the ladies head is showing. Lots of Kreinik in the 'whitish' areas. It is quite a pain to use on 1 over 1 stitching, trying to get it to lay nice and flat and not look bulky.

RAK'd by Nancy M
This morning I received a RAK from Nancy M . She had read on my blog that I needed to order some navy aida for my son's wolf that I will be stitching him and offered to send me some seeing she had some to give away. Nancy also sent me some other goodies as well...............thank you so much Nancy, I really appreciate it!

I love Cross Stitch Bookmark Exchange

This morning I also received my bookmark from Lyn N.

Thank you so much Lyn, I love it!

Section 5

Our local hospice, St Michaels, asked if we would drum at their charity fund raiser on Saturday, which we did and had a great time as always.

Me on the right in the topper and Colin is the one with the red face lol.


Getting ready to play.


  1. Love watching ME come to life. Spirit is looking really good as well. Congrats on the RAK from Nancy! Lynn did a very nice job on your bookmark,,enjoy all your goodies too.
    Drumming looks like so much fun!!!!!

  2. Your HAED is looking good, have made so much progress. Like Colin's hat in the drumming photos, kinda scary in a way with those eyes on it, but cool too.

  3. It's exciting to see how close ME is to getting done! Congratulations on a nice RAK.

  4. Nice progress on ME, Kelly. I started a new project as well. Congrats on the RAK from Nancy.

  5. Oh my word....these look great! What an accomplishment to actually 'finish' Midnight Enchanter...I know you are too excited for words to see the end in sight.

  6. ME is looking great. You will have a finish soon. Yay!!! What lovely goodies, you received.
    Happy Stitching

  7. ME looks great. I see a finish soon. The end is near.
    Spirit is looking great too. Sounds like you had a good time at the charity.

  8. Anonymous6:31 pm

    ME is lovely! You'll be finished before you know it. :) Spirit is coming along nicely too. Looks like y'all had a good time drumming for the charity.

  9. Your Midnight Enchanter is looking great. Little by little you are getting him finished. Your dream catcher UFO is looking great also as well as your Storykeep. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress on all of your projects.

  10. Beautiful stitches as always Kelly! I am looking forward to seeing the green man progression. I only caught the last bits of your wizard and I enjoy seeing them from start to finish.
    Very nice RAK. Looks to be a beautiful chart in there.
    I love the balloon bookmark! Hot Air balloons always make me smile.

  11. Great progress on your WIPs Kelly and a lovely RAK!

  12. ME looks great. It's too late now, but I bet you could have left off those shading stitches around the lower part. Your material is so pretty. Nice job on the storykeep too. I have a "mini" HAED I want to start....but I've been resisting the urge. You are very welcome for the new stash, I'm trying to get rid of lots of stash from my reorganization, so I'm glad I found someone who would use it!

  13. Lovely RAK; and great exchange.
    Great progress on your WIP's

  14. Midnight Enchanter looks wonderful!!!!! I am enjoying watching Spirit develop! You do some gorgeous stitching!

  15. Wonderful progress - strangely enough that Storykeep made it's way into my shopping cart when placing my sale order - but I did delete it, as I decided I couldn't justify buying it now when I won't be stitching it for some time!

  16. Congratulations on your RAK and your beautiful new bookmark and the excellent progress you're making on your HAED storykeep. Keep thos needles flying :)


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