Thursday, June 02, 2016

A Finish and Battle Medieval Fayre

I finished 'Muriel' which is part of the witches trilogy by Mill Hill. I really enjoyed stitching it.

Just the stitching.

With the backstitch on.


Cut out and ready to hang!

Battle Medieval Fayre.

Last Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and Section 5 drummed at Battle Medieval Fayre. We had a really lovely time.
It's great as we can wear medieval costume instead of our normal stuff.

It was also my first outing as a bass player instead of playing a rack tom. I came home with lots of bruises on my legs where the drum is so big.


Megan, Keith and I. Yes, I am really short!

Me, Connie (our banner holder) and Janie.

Me looking so serious!

Me being more serious :)

Me, my partner Colin and Janie.

Section 5 group photo.


  1. Love your update, great pics. Is Colin part Giant?

  2. Love your pictures, Kelly. Looks like you had a great time with the band, in spite of the bruises.

    The Halloween decoration is gorgeous, too. I don't decorate for that particular holiday -- no kids around to see anything. :)


  3. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Wow - it's amazing how much difference the beads make. Would love to see you guys do the drumming sometime.
    Judi in Phoenix, AZ USA

  4. Muriel looks great! It looks like you really enjoy drumming, it seems pretty cool!

  5. Lovely stitching! The beads make such a big difference! What a jolly group you look like you have so much fun! I really love your hat and costume. I'm with Judi, I would also love to hear you sometime!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Love the costumes!
    Your Mill Hill project is gorgeous! Thanks for showing the process to us - what a difference it makes!


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