Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stitching Update

I finished another section of Castles in the Air by Papillon Creations.  It is half of part 7 done.

Close up of finished part.


I purchased three Mill Hill kits from sewandso. Two were half price and one had 10% off, bargain! 

I have started one of them:

I always think they look weird without the beads and backstitching on lol.

I have dug out one of my HAED's (Heaven and Earth Designs) out, The Green Man. This is what he looks like before I start stitching on him again:

And what he will look like when completed:

I am thinking of either purchasing another HAED chart or kitting up a Mystic Stitch chart that I have. I am very undecided which to do!

I have only recently taken up stitching again and before that, Yahoo stitching groups were very active but now most of them seem to have died a death and not many people post. I'm not sure why this is? Has Facebook killed the groups or people not stitching anymore? It is such a shame too. I also have noticed that not many stitchers blog or comment on blogs either. Again, such a shame as lots of inspiration and encouragement lost.  I am thankful for the groups that I do belong to that do have people that post be it sporadic on one or two of them. I miss doing exchanges as well. Oh well, I guess times change huh.

To those who do read or comment on my blog, I really do appreciate it xxx


  1. Absolutely excellent darling, your really working hard on these, it will be great to see the Green Man Finished

  2. Hi Kelly, I feel the same about the groups. I do miss the exchanges, as well. Seems like you got a great deal on the Mill HIll witches ornies. Love your progress on Castles in the Air. Hugs, Christina in Miami

  3. Your stitching is so pretty! I love your Castles in the Sky. I seem to have lost my pattern/file for this one. Looks like I won't be able to finish it :(
    The HAED charts are beautiful if a confetti nightmare!
    The Mill Hill kits are so fun.
    I think a lot of the groups have moved to private Facebook groups. I know I belong to two of them and I see a lot of familiar names from this group on both of them.

  4. Your HAED is going to be gorgeous when completed. I just recently received one as a RAK but haven't started it. I did get all the floss so that's a step in the right direction!

  5. Your stitching is lovely, Kellyanne!! I agree about the exchanges and such, I'm not sure what happened with yahoo but I do know there have been issues with databases and uploading photos so that may be a cause. I can't stop looking at your green man, he's fabulous!! I love your Castles in the Air, I collected all the pieces to the pattern but haven't got the nerve up to start it yet, yours is beautiful!

  6. love your castles in the air and the green man will be fabulous once finished :) what a bargain on the mill hills too ... love mouse xxxx

  7. Green Man is going to be stunning when finished! Love your little Halloween pieces.

  8. Kellyanne, I have noticed that Yahoo Groups seem to post less in the spring and summer, I think they are reading the comments, but have more distraction. Unless a member needs help with stitching, a family crisis, illness, etc. FB does distract, but there are so many ads. Sally

  9. Adore the CITA, wonderful colours. Your Green Man is coming along fantastic, I'm trying to decide whether to do my Day and Night or Guardian Angel for my next HAED. It takes me that long to kit them up that I plan very early lol!

  10. Awesome progress,,,great to see you back to stitching on your BAP's!!

  11. I love your stitching, Kelly! You are who inspired me to try and stitch a HAED. I am working on one right now. The first time I've ever stitched one over one.

    I have noticed the activity in the yahoo groups is not near what it was. I do think Facebook plays a role in that. I know I am not very computer savvy at all. I love to blog too, but again, my knowledge of computers plays a role. I personally am stitching. I have three projects going right now. And am facing surgery this summer. Possibly needing to be in a nursing home for a few months to recover. I'm only 53.


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