Friday, February 04, 2011

A RAK from Shelley and More!

As promised on my ILCS Yahoo group, here is my RAK from Shelley......................

A Rak from Shelley

Isnt he just the cutest frog? Here he is on my seasonal shelf that still needs adding to.................


Again, thank you so much Shelley, I love him and he will live on my seasonal shelf. I think I need to get him some play mates though lol.

I finally finished my granddaughters, Whitneys, blanket. I got rather behind on it.

Whitneys Blanket

I have this weekly publication where you crochet a square a week. Eventually you get enough squares to make a throw out of them. Some of the squares I think are pants, but I still crocheted them lol. I am hideously behind on it to say the least! I got the bug to crochet again and managed to do 7 squares over a few days.

Square # 14

Square #15

Square #16

Square #17

Square #18

Square #19

Square #20

Tomorrow is the virtual stitch in on my group. I am hoping to finish The Shelf over the weekend. I am looking forward to starting something new lol.

After my last post, a lot of you expressed an interest in my teapot. It is a limited edition collectors piece. I collect teapots and tea paraphernalia. Don't laugh lol!!!!!!! I have loads of miniature teapots as well as some full size ones. Some of you have stated you would like to see my collection. I will get some photos of them all over the weekend and do a blog entry on them.  I am always on the look out for new ones. Some miniatures I found in charity shops.

Talking of tea, I think I shall have a cup of Rooibos (I don't do caffeine) and a slice of mince meat fruit cake I made :-)

The teapot is a fish and chip shop. Yup, that's right, a fish and chip shop lol.
I haven't brought any pots for simply ages, as haven't had the funds to do so, but I am hoping to add to them this year. I also collect china thimbles but that's a different story!


  1. What a cute frog! Love the crochet squares too.

  2. Boy that Shelley sure gets around! LOL He's a cutie. You did tell Colin it's a boy, right?? Your blanket looks great. I can only handle one craft in a lifetime! LOL
    Your tea sets sound interesting. I don't collect anything but dust in my house.

  3. Love your frog! I agree, you need to get him some buddies lol. Your crocheting is beautiful! What a lovely blanket for your grand daughter. I have attempted it several times and knitting too. I can't seem to keep it straight though and always end up with shorter/longer sides. lol Thankfully I have a great friend who crochet each of my kids a blanket. I've got them hidden away in my room for fear something will happen to them. Once they get older I'll put them out to display. Silly I know but I love them!!!

  4. Yum, yum - lovely looking tray with the goodies! I love the RAK and the crochet pieces!

  5. Cute froggy, indeed!

    Congrats on finishing the afghan. Very pretty. And all those squares, wow. Have to ask though... what does "are the pants" mean? lol

    I'm looking forward to seeing your teapot collection. I think those are really cool things to collect! :)

  6. Wow! Your afghan is beautiful and I love the variety of the squares that you completed. Looking forward to seeing the posts of your teapots and would love to see your thimbles as well.

  7. Your seasonal self looks great, keep up the good work! Love your crochet projects too. How did you manage the time to stitch too??? And your RAK from Shelley is perfect.

  8. cute RAK
    The baby-blanket looks great.

  9. So happy you like my little friend. I love your shelf. I've gotta get me one of those.

    Your crochet squares are pretty. I can't wait to see them all assembled!!


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