Monday, February 02, 2009

Two finishes and other stuff!

The weekend was really good for me where stitching is concerned. First of all I finished Seaside Sampler by The Sweetheart Tree.


Today, I finished it off into a needleroll. I am rather pleased with the result. I used silver ribbon just to give it the extra sparkle.


I then had a small finish which is Janlynns Somebunny To Love which is a small ornament kit.


And it does not stop there lol. I got my sewing machine out today and finished off the February Lizzie Kate Stamp properly.


And while I was on a roll, I also finished off Pansies Please by Just Nan which I finished stitching last year. I made it into a bell pull.


So as you can see, I did rather well over the weekend and I must say, I am quite pleased with myself! lol.

We finally got some proper snow! We are quite snowed in where we are and him indoors got sent home from work!


The bottom picture is of Lupi and we are having to force him to go outside to do his thing lol. He dids his paws in and sits down so I have to push him out the door with my foot lol.



  1. You weren't kidding when you said you had a good XS weekend. Fabulous finishes (love that needleroll!) and stitching! Too funny about Lupi and the snow. Glad you got some; hope you enjoy it!

  2. You had a wonderful weekend of stitching. Great job.... my favorite was the bellpull.

  3. Oh my, you were a busy girl this weekend. Fantastic finishes. ALL of them. I especially like the Lizzie Kate piece.

  4. Wow! You were a busy little bee this weekend weren't you! Enjoy the snow.

  5. Great finishes! Have fun with the snow. I am ready to see the end of it around here LOL!

  6. Your finishes are very nice. I really love the needleroll!~

  7. Wonderful stitching Kelly. I absolutely love all your finishes. I love and mean LOVE the needleroll. I can see what you mean by a lot of snow. That's just not normal where you live :)

  8. The needle roll came out just perfect. What a finishing roll you were on. It all looks GREAT!

    WOW that's a lot of snow. Bet the twins are loving it even if Lupi doesn't.

  9. I love the seaside sampler! Those little crabs are adorable! Great job on all the finishes. You should be quite proud of your self.

  10. wow! You sure been busy, great finishes Kelly! Congrats!!

  11. All of your finishes came out wonderful. I love the needleroll and the bellpull. The poor dog, but I understand, I dont like the snow either, lol.

  12. I think someone didn't sleep, or was on drugs all weekend!! LOL Great finishes all the way around! I really want to do a little pillow!! I'd be happy to share any more snow you'd like to see.....but it is fun when you never get it.

  13. Anonymous11:29 am

    All of your finishes look great...congrats on getting so much done.

    Shannon ILCS

  14. I love your finishes! I especially like the Needleroll! You have done an amazing job! Love the snow pics! I lived in Wales for 4 yrs and we had snow once and everything shut down. It was great fun!

  15. Wow, look at you go with all the finishes! Good for you :) I'm sure I offered before, but anytime you want some snow, just come get it. I have PLENTY!

  16. Great finishes Kelly. Yes you did get a lot of snow WOW my SIL is in Birmingham where my daughter will be going on the 12th he said they had a lot of snow and very cold there.
    Best of luck with new stitching

  17. Katrien5:40 pm

    waw, you were on a roll :-)
    The needleroll is beautifull, and somebunny to love is just too cute.
    Katrien - ILCS

  18. Wow! I'm impressed! Such beautiful work, great job!

  19. Shelley - ILCS4:52 pm

    WoW!! You have been busy. Wonderful, beautiful finishes on all of your pieces. Love the snow pics!!

  20. Love all the finishes. I think the needle roll is my favorite, although that bell pull is fantastic. You did such a lovely job on all.

  21. Kelly, Those are beautiful! And your finishing is great too. Well done.


  22. Gorgeous finishes Kelly - you're doing well with that sewing machine!


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