Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rene's fecking frogs again! ;p


Yup, I'm majorly stressed out. I've been working on a Barbara Ana piece and have miscounted to the point where most of what I have done, will have to be frogged! I am so annoyed with myself as I hardly ever go wrong to such a major degree. A few stitches here and there maybe, but this just sucks. Needless to say it went on holiday curtesy of being thrown across the room! Whats fecking me off even more about it, is it's the second time I've started it.........I didn't like the orignal fabric colour I picked out so started it on a new colour.............bah, humbugs and Rene's fecking frogs lol.
Tree Frog Froggie Frog Frog 2 Frog 3 Frog 4 Frog 5


  1. Hope the frogs go back to Rene' soon!!

  2. Oh I feel your pain! I've done the same thing also, on a project with a due date!
    I will send calm stitching thoughts your way...

  3. So sorry you are having such a hard time. THOSE FROGS CAN BE HORRIBLE!
    Hopefully they will go away soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about the frogging. Hope they'll stay away from now on...!


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