Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evalina's Challenge lol

Evalina has set a challenge by asking are we brave enough to show the contents of our handbags/purses. Well Evalina my friend, I'm brave enough lol.

In mine is my old purse and the new purse which I havent transferred my money and cards in to yet. My make up bag, old till receipts (luckily I only cleared my bag out a few days ago as I usually have LOADS of crap till receipts lol), Sugar free mint Polo's, Nokia phone, strawberry tea bags, Dr's prescription, little notepad and pen, Dr's appointment card, an old envelope with nothing in it lol ,tissues and a ladies doberry doberry thing.

I only carry the makeup I am wearing in my bag as I have too much of it to carry around with me.


  1. I thought that I left my comment this morning... well I don't see it, so I guess I'm having senior's moment. Kelly, congratulations my dear, you are so brave! And thank you for playing with me.

  2. Brave indeed. I thought about doing it, but no... I have too much stuff crammed in a little purse. LOL

  3. I don't carry one so nothing to show. Carry very small amount of cash, debit card and drivers license in my pocket.


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