Thursday, April 29, 2010

A finish and update.


Lizzie Kate June 'stamp'.
Stitched on a fabric oddment from a Polstitches 'Grab Bag'.

I finished this last night. I really like the way it turned out and I think it is my favourite one so far.


I framed this too which was a job and a half. I originally was going to make it into a pillow ornament but decided once it was finished that I wanted it framed. What made it a pig was I hadn't left much for the boarders on it as I don't when making ornaments as I like to be econimical with fabric. So, out came the sewing machine and I sewed strips of fabric on the stitched piece so I could stretch it to frame it. There's a little hint of the pink fabric at the bottom of the frame. Other than that, it turned out ok.

Shelley from my ILCS group, sent me a RAK. She sent me some floss I needed for a couple of projects and a Wolf chart which I really love. Thank you so much Shelley!


I have started two new pieces. One is a stitched pincushion for an exchange and the other is a Tea Sampler by The Design Connection. I really love the way this one is turning out and the picture on the chart does not do it justice.

I am really excited about this coming Sunday as I am going to meet up with a couple of stitchers from my town. They advertised in one of the cross stitch magazines, which I didn't get, but Sadie emailed me with the particulars, so I emailed and we have arranged to meet at lunch time Sunday. So, thank you Sadie, very much appreciated that you thought of me!

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  1. Very nice finishes! Congrats with those. Have loads of fun on Saturday.

  2. Great stitching. What a wonderful RAK!

  3. Great finishes! Love the new sampler. What a great RAK

  4. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Wow Kelly I love your finishes!! Anytime you need floss let me know I will get if for you too!!! Hugs Nancy Cricket Tucket

  5. Love that June 'stamp'! Great job on the framing.

  6. Love your L*K finish. Glad you enjoyed your package.

  7. Great framing job.
    The stamp looks lovely.
    Nice RAK!

  8. Anonymous1:34 am

    Lovely finishes and a great RAK.


  9. Great LK finishes. I love the June stamp.

  10. Your framing turned out nice, Kelly. Congrats on both your finishes. Nice RAK, too.

  11. You can see I am a bit behind in my blog reading! Your finishes are cute and very appropriate right now. Your framing job looks fine. I hope you had a good time meeting some stitching friends!


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