Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Update

First off HAED Spirit Storykeep. There is now 7200 stitches done.

A few nights ago, my 14 year old twin boys took an interest in my stitching and both asked if I would stitch something for each of them for their bedroom.

Joshua chose this from my stash:

This is what I have done on it so far:


I just love the bright colours. I have been looking for an excuse to stitch this one for a long time. It has a lot of beads, blending and metallics.

Ashley chose this one:

I have not started it yet as I need to get the blue aida for it.


  1. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Both pieces look fantastic darling, that dragon one i think I might have to arm-wrestle Josh for lol......

  2. Very nice pieces. Dragons Lair has beautiful colors, I like it.

    Nice progress on your Spirit HAED.

  3. Your work is gorgeous. The Dragons Lair looks like lots of fun.

  4. Looks like some patterns to keep you busy for awhile......Colin's requests are going to take a back seat, I presume?? I have a piece of 14 ct navy in my "give away" pile. It's 19" x 12", is it big enough?

  5. Spirit Storykeep is looking good. What a fun and colorful design Joshua has picked. Look forward to seeing more.


  6. 7200 stitches? Geesh! I am already intimidated for my Mystic Stitch. But your Spirit Storykeep is looking good. I love the Dragons Lair. Such pretty colors. The wolf is cool looking too. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress on these pieces.

  7. Great progress on Spirit.
    You have a good start on Dragon's Lair.

  8. Love them both - though I think I prefer the dragon! My daughter LOVES wolves, so I'm hoping she never sees this lol!

  9. Wow, you have been busy once again Kelly! I love your boys' choices especially the wolf!

  10. Spirit is looking good. Your sons picked some good patterns. What a good start on the dragon.

  11. Looks like you'll be busy for a while!

  12. Geesh, everyone wants something big. Good luck with getting started and finished as well.


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