Sunday, December 09, 2012

Green Man Cernunnos

I have worked exclusively on this over the last week.

Here is a before photo:

I managed to finish page one:

This is what it looks like now:

It is so nice to get onto the actual foreground instead of doing all the background!

I have not decided what I will be moving onto next though.


  1. Great progress for the last rotation! Backgrounds are boring to stitch. I'm itching to start a new Mystic, but I'm holding out knowing how long they take and I have a few other things I need to do!

  2. Your work on this project looks fantastic - great job!

  3. Love the progress so far! Where did you get the pattern??????? I would love to have this pattern! I can't wait to see the finished work!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I got the chart from Heaven and Earth Designs.


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