Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lizzie Kate Summer Sampler

I have been really busy this week and I have not managed to stitch as much as I would of liked. But every stitch counts! I swapped blues for purples on the house as I did not fancy the blues :-)

We have been very busy in the garden making way for our new pets as well as preparing the garden for growing our own veggies.

Colin (on the right) and our friend Phil having a break whilst reading instructions and Lindita Stinky Rita being nosey lol.

One chicken coop!

Hopefully we will be getting our three chickens over the next week to ten days. We will also be adding a run to the coop but we have been advised to keep the chickens in the coop for the first 3 to 4 weeks.

Phil made us a lovely bird house!

Birdhouse and Coop in situ.

Colin also put together a frame for either the runner beans or peas.

There is still absolutely tons to do in the garden. And I have to say that my house resembles a green house as we have propagators on nearly every window sill in the house lol.


  1. Very nice chicken coop. Am sure they will be very happy with it.

  2. Love your progress on the L*K piece. The chicken coop looks really nice. I wish we could have chickens where I live, but we have ordinances that prohibit it. It's too cold here to be working outside and we can't even begin to garden until May.

  3. Lovely project! You certainly are working hard on your yard and garden. I hope it all comes together perfectly :)

  4. Anonymous12:52 am

    Wow what a great coup for your chooks, I'm sure they will like it!
    You will be having eggs in no time, also the veggies will help keep the household bills down, and taste so much better too.
    Well done. Any names for the chooks - Matilda?

  5. Good luck on your chickens! Summer is looking great!

  6. Anonymous3:13 am

    What a lovely chicken coop and hope you plant lots of thing during the summer.

    Your stitching is looking very nice.


  7. Very smart chicken coop sounds like you are going to have lots of fresh veg this year.

  8. Your LK piece is looking great! I like the color change :)

    Great to see all the changes to the garden and the addition of the coop!!

  9. Love the color change on your LK, looks great.

  10. First impression was LOVE the purple houses! Great idea to change them! My friend has chickens and I buy my eggs from her. If you have any questions....you can ask me and I'll see if I can help you. She lives on a farm with cows and pigs too!

  11. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Love the stitching, and the chicken coop looks pretty enough to be a guest house. Love that. You remind me that I should be busier than I am on seedlings for our garden, but I'm afraid Attie will eat all of them!

  12. Is this your first foray into vegetable gardening and chickens?

    Your LK looks great!

  13. How exciting! We had chickens when I was little, and I miss having a garden. Good luck!

    - Lisa N.

  14. Nice LK and chicken coop and garden are looking great!

  15. Lizzie Kate is looking awesome and that's one great looking chicken coop, too!

  16. Loving your progress :D I always wanted to own my own chickens!

  17. loving your progress on LK, I have always wanted to have my own chickens too!


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