Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gawd help me lol

I havent really stitched the last week so today I picked up Summer dragon..........gawd help me with all that blending and kreiniks lol............wish me luck!


  1. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Good Luck with it hehehe You should have started Amethyst Snowflake, much easier to do with the Perle Cotton

    Rene la Frog

  2. I cross fingers that it will stitch up smoothly

  3. I know the blending and metallics are a pain but jut imagine how wonderful it will be once you have done it. It is lovely to see it coming alive!

  4. Stitching with any kind of metallic is a PITB, but it is always pretty! Good luck. :)

  5. Well??? I don't see any progress pictures yet. Don't tell me the dragon won!


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