Thursday, December 04, 2008

MIA again.

Ok, I'm still around but just been very busy. We went to him indoors parents for the weekend for a much needed break. Things are getting to both of us at the moment what with the recession and all. And to top it of, the bloody alternators gone on the car this morning while him indoors was driving to Plumpton. Another expense we can't really afford. On the upside, him indoors parents have bought us a new cooker which arrived this morning. Mine wasn't working properly so it's a joint Xmas come birthdays present for us, so thank you so much Bob and Linda! It really meant a lot to us! It was ordered on Sunday from the Argos website, so I think thats pretty good going seeing they quoted up to 59 days for it to be delivered!
It's gas for the heating which is crippling come the buggers havent bought the prices down seeing fuel is cheaper now? Greedy feckers. Ya know, food, fuel and petrol all went up but him indoors wages least petrol is coming down. OK rant over lol.

While we were at him indoors parents, Linda presented us both with stitched presents and she even framed them lol. She really has the stitching bug now hehehe.


Mines the one with the chocolate devil lol.


  1. love it,
    oh i cracked a smile with the
    one said chocolate makes my clothing smaller
    very nice work.

  2. Ashrei0004:36 pm

    I love the wizard! Cool!

  3. How sweet of her & they are just so cute! Hope everything gets better for you both.

  4. That was so nice of her to give them to you something you can always treasure.

  5. wow! Lovely gifts. I love the 'chocolate... one.

  6. Great gifts. His mum did a great job. The chocolate one is so cute (and

  7. Those are both great presents, I can see why you just love them. It's so wonderful that you got her interested in stitching and now she is giving you pieces!! Hope things get better for you and Colin, with whatever comes up in live!


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