Friday, January 09, 2009

No stitching

As the header suggests, I have done no stitching this last week. It's been mainly due to the weather and the temperatures reaching -12. My arthiritus plays up when its so cold and I can't hold my stitching properly. On the upside I have my hospital appointment through for next Thursday for my abdominal scan and him indoors has booked off time off work to come with me.


I got my fabric and floss of the month from Polstitches. This is my one luxury I am allowing myself on my stash starvation and all will get used over the coming year.


  1. Love the threads and fabric! Hope you're able to stitch soon.

  2. Lovely thread and fabric Kelly. Wonder what you are going to stitch with it all.

  3. Nice stash-of-the-month, Kelly. Good luck with your ab scan.

  4. Interesting color blue, will look forward to you using it, when you warm up of course!


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