Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catch up time.

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours on Summer Dragon. I am almost done with page four now. I am trying to keep this as my main project now because it should of been finished a long time ago. I've had to many distractions lol. I won't be starting anything big either when it is finished as I am moving straight onto Celtic Summer and The Magician that has become a UFO. Talking of UFO's, I found another one. It's a bookmark, but a very large bookmark of the sun and moon. That has now become my smaller project.
I hope everyone is well and managing to get stitching time in!


  1. Hope you get lots of stitching time to work on all your UFO's. I still have to finish my SAL so I can continue on with my cancer awareness ribbons. I'm really itching to get back to my LHN chart that I started a month or two ago but I'm not letting myself touch it until these other things are done. Now, to just find the time to do them all. LOL

  2. Hope things have calmed down enough for you to be stitching again. Looking forward to your progress!

  3. Hopefully now that the twins are feeling better you can concentrate on finishing the dragon. Only to move on to your other WIPs. :)
    So put your feet up and stitch away.

  4. Progress is progress. No matter how small, it's still moving ahead.:0) Very interested in seeing the UFO finished. Keep stitching !


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