Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Monday Update

Oh dear, what a bad stitching week I have had............way too much frogging and I was so cross with myself over it as I pretty much never make huge mistakes when it comes to my stitching. First frogging ordeal was my pirate.

I had used the wrong colour on his face so had to frog the entire lot which also included the skull and crossbones and the edging around the hat. This is what he looks like now.

Guess your wondering what the second frogging incident was? Unfortunatley it was my Castles in the Air. On the second peacock I was one stitch out, so, out has to come the whole peacock, what a pain in the proverbial arse lol.


This is my progress on my Haed Storykeep, 2004 stitches lol. Had to scan it as the camera couldn't pick up the details where its so small. Theres loads of colours used here lol.

Good news is that one of my twins asked Saturday out of the blue if he could do some stitching so I sorted out one of those little stitchables. Come Sunday he had stitched two of them, so kudo's to him. Mind you he probably won't stitch for a long time again lol.

Sunday I met up with Sophia and Jenny for our weekly stitching session. It is nice to get out and be able to stitch with other fanatics about stitching stitchers. We have two more potential new members. In two weeks time we will be having the meeting at my house and then might be meeting their until new premises can be found as I have quite a large living room.

My other new love is crocheting. I got the bug pretty bad I'm afraid. I did a little stash shopping for it and bought these.


Aren't they gorgeous colours? They were bloody expensive though and I couldn't get any of this cotten in purple or a really bright yellow. I am going to make another throw with these. The throw I am currently doing is from a weekly publication, The Art of Crochet, and it uses wool and dullish colours as you can see from the previous squares I have done and the two squares below. I need to try and source some cotton online that is cheaper but must be very colourful. Colin nearly had a fit when she rung up the bill for these lol. It was from an upmarket shop that only sells expensive wool and cotton and not the everyday kinda stuff. Hastings is shit 
bad for trying to buy stuff like this ;p

Heres square number 6 of my throw.


And square number 7.


Last but not least is my Lindita Senorita:


She is booked in for the groomers but theres a waiting list and as you can see, she's really hairy now hehehe. The groomer has such a time with her as Lindita does not like being groomed at the best of times let alone having her fur cut, hence why we send her to the groomers and don't do her ourselves lol.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were visited by so many frogs this past week. Your WIPs look great now, though.

    Love the new crochet colours you purchased. Are you using 100% cotton?

    Lindita is adorable. Can't wait to 'see' her again, lol!!

  2. Sorry to hear you were dealing with froggies. Now I know where mine came from, lol.

    I send Celeste to the groomers, too, because she doesn't like to be "cleaned up" Naughty girls we have!

  3. Yuck I hate frogs. Started my storykeep and was frogging from the start. Which one are you doing?? What a cute dog.

  4. Sorry about the frog attack, hopefully they are full now and will leave you alone.

    Love the colors of the cotton, so bright and cheerful.

  5. My goodness, Rene wasn't watching frogs for a few days and look what happen... how the heck they got so quickly across the pond, go figure... maybe they are not hers...

    Other than that all is lovely. I'm joining you in the HAED adventure. The progress on Ships and Shells is just about the same like yours on the Storykeep but today I'm starting Egyptian Temple.

  6. Banish those darn frogs! Pirates looks good; sorry about Castles. Your crocheting and yarn looks great! Good luck with the grooming fiend! :)

  7. Oh sorry was that your pile of wool the last picture.... Oh no sorry that was bitch bag, opps wrong again it was Lindita stinkyrita :) .... Fantastic work though..... Its great except the bill for the stash hmmm I think you and me need to discuss your stash allowance money again lol... Only Kidding you know i don't mind it keeps you quiet.... :x

  8. Comment aimed at Colin aka Him Indoors.
    You stop my stash allowance, I'll stop cooking for you, see how you like that muhaha!

  9. Anonymous2:32 am

    Sorry the frogs came visiting. Lovely cotton colours and your squares are nice.


  10. Sorry about the frogs :( My kids dip in and out of stitching too - Teresa's the only one who sticks to it, but slowly - like a bookmark a year, lol!

  11. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Love those pirates. What a shame you had to frog. I always get so jealous when I see people crochet. It looks great but I just can't master it at all :o/

  12. Sorry Mr. Froggie came to visit you...ground him from his lily pad! LOL Looks like you are almost caught up with the stitching and he looks good! The yarn colors are very pretty...I look forward to seeing the finish. I have to laugh about Lindita Senorita...Chloe is looking just like her & waiting on me to make it all better!! I guess they both are having bad hair days!!

  13. So sorry about the frogs....especially on Castles! Yikes that is bad enough not to have to do it over more than once! Looks like great colors you bought. You can withhold more than cooking from Colin if he takes your stash allowance away!:-)

  14. Frogs suck. That is too bad.
    But your pirate is looking great!

    I started the same pirate early this week while I was away. :)

  15. Hello dear, nice work, hope that mr. left you in a piece, maybe he desapeared when he sow the pirate, and welcome to the crochet world with so nice colours, they are gorgeus, show in the future the results. Have a nice day. Loredana.


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