Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big update


This is the new project I have started to tide me over until I get my partner in the ILCS bookmark exchange that Meari is hosting :)
It is a small kit by Mill Hill called Wisteria Angel, which will be an ornament complete with beaded tassels.

I also finished Androulla's pram blanket:


Androulla was not available at the time the picture was taken lol.


I have just 'inherited' a book group on Yahoo. Sadly to say the owner passed away so the son made me and another lady co owners. I am looking forward to help running it as I'm a voracious reader and have a huge passion for books. The group is lovely as it's about British Classic books and the group reads  a classic each month and we have discussions about the book. It's a small group but very nice.

Last but not least, I went out on a hen night on Saturday as my bestest friend is getting married on Friday. Jayne and I were the best of friends at school but we lost touch and she looked me up and found me on Facebook.  It's like we have never been apart. We still giggle like school girls when we are together lol.


I'm the one in the middle with the pint of beer :)

Colin my partner, got a tattoo done on his arm big deal you might say but Colin has never had one done before lol. Picture and a reason why he had it done, to follow shortly.................lets just say, I will think twice before I say things in future lol. People are guessing on Facebook what he has had done lol.

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  1. The baby blanket is very pretty, Kelly. Can't wait to see what "him indoors" has done, lol.

  2. Like the new piece, it has alot of beads, but Mill Hill does that. The blanket it really pretty, you choose very nice colors. Looking for ward to seeing what Colin had done.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this - looking for different ways to finish Mill Hill's as I'm a bit fed up with the perforated paper. I've always fancied getting a tattoo tbh, but dh doesn't like them at all, so it would not go down well. Maybe one day. He doesn't even like my triply pierced ears, but has to put up with that!

  4. Awesome beading on your start! Love the blanket, too. :)

  5. beautiful blanket

  6. The blanket is lovely!

    I cannot wait to hear the tattoo story!! So intrigued. :)

  7. Great start on the Mill Hill piece. The baby blanket is just beautiful and will get LOTS of use I'm sure! I'll look for the tattoo stories.

  8. Love the Mill Hill that you've done, look forward to seeing your completed piece. The baby blanket is so cute...I haven't made one in years but luckily my kids used the ones I made while single and using up odd wool!

  9. Great start to the Mill Hill kit. I just came across three in my stash that I have forgotten about. They are a lot of fun to do.
    Your pram blanket is so cute.

  10. Looks like you had a blast.
    Do tell what Colin's tattoo is?!?!?!


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