Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm engaged!

Yes you read right, I'm engaged! This is the story behind the tattoo lol.
Colin was always asking me to marry him and was always saying no lol. So a couple of weeks back, knowing Colin hates tattoo's, I said to him, 'The day I'll marry you is the day you come home with a tattoo of my name on your arm!' So you can guess what he did............yup he got it done lol.

Last Friday we went to my best friends wedding and Colin was best man.

Colin and I........I don't like wearing dresses hence my expression lol.

Jayne and Olly

At the evening reception, Colin did his best man speech and then the little shit my beloved started talking about me. I knew right away what he was up to and  dived under the nearest table head first. The groom, Olly pulled me out by my ankles and put me in an arm lock lol, so I couldn't run away.

Colin proposing

Colin proposed to me complete with ring and asked me to marry him next year.........I called him a few choice names and said yes lol. At this point I was still sober lol. 

We had a fantastic time at the reception. Jayne changed out of her wedding dress and we rocked out with plastic  blow up guitars as she had a live guitar player/singer at her wedding Mick Mepham who is fabulous and has played with greats like Eric Clapton! If you haven't guessed, Jayne and Olly are bikers :)
Jayne and Me

Me Jayne and the twins

Ashley rocking with the big guys

Jayne Ashley and me.

As you can tell, Jayne and I don't act our 46   years of  age lol. We were the bestest friends at school and  somehow lost touch and she found me on Facebook. We are having a ball together and act just like school girls giggling all the time.
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  1. Too cool! Congrats to you and Colin!!

  2. Wow Congratulations!! Looks like you all had a great time at the wedding too!

  3. Congrats!!! :)
    So happy for you.
    Love the tattoo part of the story. That is awesome.

  4. Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh YES! I was so happy for you both - about time I say (ducking and running...) What a lovely story too - that rocking wedding looks like FUN :)

  6. Congratulations!!! What a great story! Looks like you had a lot of fun at the wedding!

  7. Congratulations! The tattoo story is too funny!

  8. Congrats! A tattoo? Really? :)

  9. Now that's a pretty cool story - call him determined! Congratulations!

  10. Wonderful! Congratulations to you both.

  11. Congratulations to you both, lovely photos and glad you had a good time at the wedding.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!!! And you are one, cool babe!


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