Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lizzie Kate September Stamp

I finished my September Lizzie Kate Stamp.


I am very pleased at the way it turned out. I was going to start my ornament for the blind ornament exchange on my ILCS group, but I didn't have two threads and needed to order some neutral coloured fabric (which arrived in the post this morning), so yesterday I started a freebie by Barbara Ana. I have stitched it before but gave it away. It's called 'Let it Snow'. I am keeping this one as I want it to go on my seasonal shelf.


I'm stitching it on a scrap of Polstitch's over-dyed fabric called 'Sky High'. It will resemble a snowman when it's finished lol. I just love snowmen.

The last two days I have baby sat Ulla (Androulla) my granddaughter, while my daughter runs their restaurant. Here she is asleep in granddad Colin's arms .


  1. Lizzie Kate is a great finish, like the new start as well. What a precious little one.

  2. Cute finish, Kelly. Ulla looks so peaceful :)

  3. Ulla is so cute!! September looks wonderful, can't wait to see the snowman when complete.

  4. Cute finish. The snowman's hat looks adorable.
    Ulla is a cutie!

  5. Nice finish! Ulla is a cutie :)

  6. Cute finish! I have that same snowman pattern. I need to get it stitched up! Love the photo of Ulla napping, we tend to let ours nap in our arms too!

  7. What a cute baby!
    Your stitching is nice too. I like the LK stamps.

  8. Ulla is sooo cute!

    Congrats on the LK finish, it looks lovely and good start on the snowman freebie.

  9. Ulla is beautiful.

    I have to get the fabbie for the L*K Stamps so I can start mine, lol.

  10. What a cutie :) Lovely finish too.


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