Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update on The Green Man and CITA

I finally started The Green Man by HAED. I need to get some more threads for it so at the moment I am stitching on my other HAED 'Spirit', which is a story keep.

So far I have done 600 stitches all in blues, greens and black.

Castles in the Air

This is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now:

It is slowly coming along.

Colin and I have joined a drumming group. We play at festivals, carnivals, private functions etc which we raise money for the special baby unit at our local hospital. We are called Section 5 Drummers.

Its great fun and relieves a lot of stress at the same time lol. I love watching little kids faces when they see us playing. They get so excited.

As you can see in the above picture, beer is a necessary part of an event before, during and after we play lol.


  1. Sounds like fun, but why are your faces painted, guess to make it more jun for the kiddies. Stitching is looking good. Haven't heard from you in a long time. ILCS

  2. Glad you're having fun with the drumming group. I was curious about the face painting, too.

    Castles in the Air looks gorgeous, Kelly! Great job.

  3. Your drumming group looks like a lot of fun. Your stitching is coming along nicely. I really like your Castles in the Air. So pretty.

  4. Your stitching looks nice! You are almost to where I was when I stopped stitching CITA, are you happy with the direction it went after this part?? I like the gate at the bottom, but then I'm not sure! Your drumming group looks like lots of fun. Is it all drummers, or other musical instruments?? Sorry to hear about the identity theft too, what a PITA!!!

  5. Your HAED is got a great start to it and Castles is looking awesome.

    You two look so good together in your outfits and what not. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your drums!

  6. Anonymous3:31 am

    Your CITA is looking great and your HAED also. Looks like a lot of fun with the drumming group.


  7. That drumming group looks like real fun!!! Great make up
    Love your stitching. CITA is coming along nicely :)

  8. Really nice update, all you stitching is really coming along. I especially like the Castles In The Air.

    Mary Louise in IN

  9. Your CITA is looking wonderful, seriously must start mine soon. You look like you're both really enjoying the drumming group..and even sunny as well :-)

  10. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing all the photos.

  11. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Funny thing is when Kelly had a few drinks inside her she played a lot better :)

    The HAED and Castles looking great

    Love you

  12. Castles in the air looks amazing!
    the drumming group sound like fun.


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