Friday, September 16, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life

Since falling ill, Colin said to put my feet up and stitch, so stitch I have.
First off is Halloween Fairy. This is what she looks like now:

As you can see, I have just started one of her wings. She is stitched completely in Cresent Colours.

Next up is Just Nan's Boo:

The picture is a bit blurry but you get the gist of what it looks is very bright but for some reason the colours have not come out in the photo very well.

Then there is this cover kit from TWOCS:

As you can see I am on the back stitching. I have realised why I hate cover kits. The aida is cheap and nasty, always run out of floss and too much back stitching lol, but saying that, it does look nice. It is a Margaret Sherry design.

Next an ornament:

This is a chart from TWOCS. I remembered I had some plastic canvas so I had everything to be able to do  this at no added cost. Just need to cut it out and add embellishments and then put some sticky backed felt onto the back.

Last but not least:

I started this literally years ago lol. It has had a thread put in it here and a thread put in it there lol. High time it got finished. It is a Wizzer ornament from Janlynn. in case you haven't guessed, a snowman lol.

I have not worked on any of my large projects this week, but hope to next week at some point!

Thank you for reading this post, comments always very welcomed and much appreciated!


  1. What can be better than having Drs. orders to stitch???You've made great progress on ALL your projects!I recognize the Janlynn. I just finished one of mine this year that I started years ago too! Hope you are healing well and have no other episodes!

  2. You made some wonderful progress this week. I really like the Christmas Tree ornament. Hope you are feeling better. Everytime I come to your blog, I oogle Midnight Enchanter. It looks like it is finished from the picture. What needs to be done on it? All of your stitching is beautiful.

  3. You certainly have gotten alot done. Hope you are feeling better though.

  4. What wonderful progress you made. I love how Halloween Fairy is looking. I have to buy that kit soon. I like your other projects,lovely stitching!

  5. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Looking good Babe and see your already feeling better..... :) love you xx

  6. Anonymous3:10 am

    You have done a lot of stitching and hope you feel better soon.


  7. Lovely progress on Halloween Fairy! The Margeret Sherry is just adorable!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Anonymous8:16 am

    i love the halloween fairy i am wanting to stitch something halloweeny but the charts i had i lost in the fire no wonder i couldnt find them when i looked all over lol
    and i completely agree about cover kits i hate the floss but i stopped buying the mags to save some money but it is cute
    BTW LOVE your facebook badge pic!

  9. You've made some fantastic progress Kelly. I love your Halloween Fairy. She is gorgeous.

  10. You have been a busy girl! They all look good, Kelly. I've done several of those Wizzer kits. They're adorable even if they are plastic canvas, lol.

  11. I am very happy to see that you are listening to Col and staying off your feet. Hope you are recovering well.

    I read your postes out of order. I like the tree before the buttons were on it... all of your stitching looks fabulous :)


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