Monday, October 15, 2012

Dragon Moon and Autumn Wreath

I have managed to get in 1600 stitches in my 10 hours of stitching on HAED's Dragon Moon.

The moon is stitched in Petite Treasure Braid instead of Kreinik. It is much nicer to work with.
This is what it will look like when finished.

I have also started Mill Hill's Autumn Wreath. It is supposed to be done on perforated paper but I have used a piece of Polstitches fabric for it instead.

The photo does not do justice to the fabric though.

On Saturday the 6th of October we drummed at Eastbourne Carnival and had a great time.

Gone are the nice girly clothes and make up as it is the Bonfire Season. Unfortunately I missed my home town procession due to ill health. Rather gutted over it as it is one of the largest processions in the bonfire calender.

Here is a video montage Colin made of six of us lol. And we were all SOBER!


  1. Sober at a carnival?! What is wrong with you?? LOL Glad you were able to make it out.

    Dragon Moon is beautiful. I've never seen a HAED with specialty floss before. Besides, I just love the colors.

    - Lisa N.

  2. 1600 stitches?!! Wow, you go girl! Nice start on your MH, too.

    I tried to view the video but it locked up my IE so I'll have to try again later.

  3. WOW what a fast stitcher you are! I just love how the moon looks on that piece.

  4. Dragon Moon is coming along beautifully!!

  5. Anonymous2:29 am

    That is a lot of stitches but your pictures are looking very nice so far.


  6. Love the stitching

  7. Dragon Moon is looking wonderful. hope dyeing your hair a new colour went well x

  8. Dragon Moon is looking wonderful. hope dyeing your hair a new colour went well x

  9. Great stitching progress Kelly! Such a neat picture!

  10. Wow, your progress on DM is fantastic! Congrats on such great stitching!

  11. Nice progress, I agree that PTB is much better than Kreinik!! It's a very pretty piece.


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